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How we work?


Architectural Layout & Design Drawing Phase

This phase of project shall contain the following:

  • Review the program ideas of the Client to ascertain the requirements of the project and arrive at a mutual understanding of such requirements with the Client.
  • Provide a preliminary evaluation of the Client’s program and construction requirements.
  • Review with the Client alternative approaches to design and construction of the project.
  • Based on the mutually agreed-upon program, schedule and construction budget requirements, prepare for approval by the Client, Schematic Design Documents consisting of preliminary drawings illustrating the project.
  • Prepare and submit to the engineering company and development services of the city of Corpus Christi for getting the official approval.

We Create a Timeline for our Contractors

How long does it take to build a house? This is the most common question of almost all the people who want to have a custom house. But, in construction projects estimating an exact finishing time is difficult. There are lots of details and documentation. If a detail is missed could delay the project and end up costing the owner and the contractor in time and money. That’s why staying organized and making a timeline for each contractor throughout the process is essential to success of the project.


We Make Adjustments & Changes Together in each Phase

Changes in construction projects are very common and likely to occur from different sources, by various causes, at any stage of a project. The owner likes the right to make changes that fall within the scope of the construction contract. The spectrum of possible change covers every element of the Contract Documents – from detail notes on design drawings to complete sections of the General Conditions. The owner may direct the change verbally or in writing. The owner’s right to make a change to the contract is typically qualified in two respects:

  • The modification must not be a fundamental change beyond the scope of the contractor.
  • The contractor must be given the right to a contract price and schedule adjustment if the modification made by the owner affects his costs or delivery schedule or both.

Before Closing we Schedule Thorough Walk Thru for Your Satisfaction

When the home buying process is nearly complete, many buyers start relaxing and focusing on other details, such as purchasing new furniture and looking at paint samples. But there is one more important step to take before closing on the house: a final walkthrough which helps to make sure everything is in working condition before closing. A final walkthrough can not only help you feel more confident about your purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse, it can also pinpoint any last-minute problems that should be taken care of before settlement.